Pulssoksümeeter NONIN 9590 VIIMANE TOODE LAOS!

NONIN Onyx 9590 sõrmepulssoksümeeter on väike, kerge ja portatiivne seade SpO2 ja pulsisageduse mõõtmiseks patsientidel. Seade mõõdab SpO2 hetkeolukorda ja on kasutatav nii lastel kui täiskasvanutel (0,8-2,54cm sõrme ümbermõõdule). Mudeli NONIN Onyx 9500 täiustatud mudel.

Saadavus: Laos

335,00 €

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The Onyx is the only finger pulse oximeter with scientifically proven accuracy in motion and low perfusion, and it is tested for use on fingers, thumbs, or toes.

- Accurate - Scientifically proven performance in the widest range of patient populations and settings

- Durable - Protects against dropping and water spills; allows for thousands of uses in the most demanding environments and exceed IP32 water ingress testing

- Efficient - Up to 6000 spot checks or 36 hours of continual operation on two AAA batteries

- Safe - Built in the USA with lead-free and latex-free construction

- Versatile - One unit works on the widest range of patients from pediatric to larger adult patients. Accomodates a wide range of digit thicknesses from 8 mm to 25.4 mm

- Warranted -Industry-leading 4-year warranty

- Cost Effective - Proven accuracy, quality and durability make the Onyx Vantage a smart purchase for the long term

• Pulse rate range: 18-321 bpm ±3 digit (20-250 bpm)

• SpO2 range: 0-100% ±2 digit (70-100%)

• Low perfusion SpO2: 70-100% ±2 digit

• Low perfusion pulse rate: 40-240 bpm ±3 digit

• Large Bright LED Display SpO2 and pulse rate can be read from any angle, day or night

• The original all-in one digital fingertip pulse oximeter™

• Lead (PB) free and latex free